Early-Stage Investment Sessions- "VC Crash Course Series" - 20 Nisan- 27 Nisan- 9 Mayıs- 11 Mayıs

20 Nisan 2022 Çarşamba Çevrim içi

Değerli TAİDER Üyelerimiz,

TAİDER Girişimcilik ve İnovasyon Komitesi tarafından organize edilen FBN üyelerine açık gerçekleşecek " VC Crash Course Series" konulu etkinliğin ayrıntılı bilgilerine ulaşmak ve kayıt için lütfen tıklayınız. 

Invest Just a Few Hours and Get the Expertise Most Investors Spend Years Trying to Acquire

TAIDER -FBN Türkiye is inviting you to Early-stage Investment Sessions- VC CRASH COURSE SERIES. 
‘’VC Crash Course Series’’ are designed to be open to all FBN members such as founders, now-gens and next-gens and investors who are interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and investing.
These short and practical sessions will be presented by experienced and talented investors of 500 Istanbul and 500 Global and will be held under 3 important topics embracing fundamental introduction to build a solid foundation in early-stage investing.
Please feel free to circulate the programme among your members and we’ll be happy to see you at teh sessions. For more info and registration:

VC Crash Course Sessions Program Details
Fundamental introductory presentations to build a solid foundation in early-stage investing

1. Investor ecosystem & stages of investment 20.04.2022 (CET 3:30 pm - 2 hours) max 35 members

Introduction by Gökçe Gülcüler and Civan Sözkesen
Keynote speaker: Ahu Serter*to be confirmed
Speakers: Kaan Eren - Investment Manager at 500 Istanbul; Philippe T. Schenk, CFA - Head of Fundraising and Investor Relations at 500 Global
Inside this presentation, you’ll find answers to:

  • What is venture capital / Early-stage investing?
    • Different types of Investors and investment stages including but not limited to Angels & Incubators, Family Offices, Micro VC, VC funds
    • The venture capital financing cycle/stages: seed to exit
    • A game of Home-runs: Power Law explained in early-stage investing
    • Portfolio Approach (20-100 investments) - How many investments do you have to make?
    • Legal Structures
    • Importance of access to downstream capital
    • Exit & Liquidity considerations
  • Why do startups seek VC funding?
  • The venture capital food chain
    • Who are LPs?
    • LPs to VC relationship
    • VC and startup relationship
    • VC competitive landscape

2. How to pick investments 27.04.2022 (CET 3:30 pm - 2 hours) max 35 members

Introduction by Cavit Gündüz
Speakers: Enis Hulli - GP at 500 Istanbul; Vijay Rajendran - Head of Portfolio Value at 500 Global
Inside this presentation, you’ll find answers to:

  • How VCs select investments?
    • Market
    • Product
    • Founding Team
  • Key KPIs?
    • Metrics that matter per industry

3. Navigating Term Sheets for Investors  09.05.2022 (CET 3:30 pm- 2 hours) max 35 members

Introduction by Neşe Gök
Speakers: Bedy Yang  - Managing partner  at 500 Global
Many Investors make the mistake of signing term sheets without fully understanding how it impacts them in the short and long term.
This is a tough spot to be in with high consequences if not done properly.
In this session, 500 Istanbul will help you navigate term sheets to gain the confidence you need to negotiate better investments for yourself and your founders.
Join us as we debunk the myth that says “you need to be an aggressor to navigate term sheets to your advantage”
Inside this program, you’ll learn…

  • How to summarize all the instruments to raise capital, convertible securities and equity


  • The key events of the term sheet process to be able to pinpoint major happenings
  • How to identify common legal terms within standard industry term sheets
  • Evaluate whether or not deal terms are beneficial to you or the founder

Sneak Preview: 500 Istanbul’s term sheet negotiation philosophy is “when founders win, we all win.”

4. Putting it all together: Case Competition (Optional depending on interest) 11.05.2022 (CET 3:30 pm- 2 hours)

Introduction by Gülçin Atalay Tunç 
The organizators will divide the applicants into groups and will pitch them later stage Startup business models from real life experiences and the participants will rank those startups from an early-stage investment perspective, the resulting rankings will be scored based on real-life success metrics. More information will be revealed following the first two sessions regarding the case competition. The winning team will win [insert award].
Created and organized by TAİDER - FBN Türkiye Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee and 500 Istanbul



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