President's Message

Dear Members,

TAİDER resumes works in its 5th year of operation with the power and trust it takes from its members with motto “Unity in Family, Sustainability in Business.”

Having set off with 40 founding members five years ago, Business families reached up to 162 family business members and 600 individual members with the objective “to enable our country where family businesses are most successful to hand over businesses to next generations.” We thank all our members and shareholders with whom we have moved forward together from the beginning until today.

Put together by our association, TAİDER Family Businesses Academy educational content was adopted this year, targeting the needs of family businesses. We truly believe that the education will support your steps in our family businesses’ journey lasting for generations.

It’s targeted to encourage businesses that adopt the growth of sustainability awareness and institutional sustainability approach, perform works in this area, and make a difference for workers, environment, community and next generations. We continue to create awareness in future plans of family businesses through taking part in this project which is ever-developing and living.

I sincerely thank our founding chairperson Ms. Şerife İNCİ EREN who has great effort in TAİDER’s successful journey, our previous period chairperson Ms. Sumer TÖMEK BAYINDIR and our precious executive board member friends, all our members and all your valuable sharing.

With my best regards,


TAİDER Family Businesses Association



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