Our Mission

To take the lead for preparation and implementation of sub-structure required to ensure the sustainability of family businesses in our country as high-performance and competitive organi-zations with the international governance principles.

Our Vision

To provide benefit to our country’s social, cultural and economic development and to enrich reputation of the country by supporting the sustainable growth and correct institutionalization of our family-owned companies

Our Common Values

  • We believe in and support the institutionalization of family businesses and corporate governance principles.
  • We are persuaded that loyalty and confidence in each other, mutual recognition, open com-munication, spending social time together and grappling with the challenges of mental health and life are the important elements for the continuity of successful family-owned companies.
  • We have a high opinion and respect that company policies and rules assigned by family members together through their great efforts are a reflection of every family’s own values, beliefs, philosophy and principles.
  • We take accuracy and transparency as our primary values in all of our business processes and relations.
  • We give importance and pay attention to the issue that the association’s membership is kept away from business concern and gain and membership addresses are not used for “any subject for advertising purposes”.
  • We believe in the importance of trust and share among members of our association and pay attention that the network addresses are only the instruments to ensure communication among members of the association and information shared does not violate the privacy policies of the association.

Our Purpose

  • To become a leading organization in which family businesses in our country could share the best practices and problems requiring solutions among them, establish communication with the world’s leading family-owned companies and educate the future generations in order that they become permanent and sustainable high-performance organizations which add the most value to their stakeholders and our country and have got competitive and international management principles,
  • To produce, promote and disseminate information with respect to management principles in accordance with the unique needs and interests of family businesses,
  • To contribute to the economic development of our country by supporting institutionalization and sustainable profitable growth of family businesses in our country,
  • To create an opportunity for family businesses in our country to share their past experiences by providing a climate of trust and to support and learn from each other,
  • To be able to make use of the past experiences of family businesses around the world to correctly understand and manage the complex relation between family, partnership and business and to ensure representation of Turkey in this area on the international platform,
  • To transfer the experiences in the world to our members by establishing relation with the In-ternational Family Business Network and to share the opportunities arising out of such experi-ences (training. etc.),
  • To announce problems and needs of family businesses to regulatory and legislative institutions and to make suggestions,



Corporate Members

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